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Featured below, and on other Showcase pages, (please click on link at the bottom of this page) are a selection of the bears I have available. If you would like to buy any of these items, or would like further information on any individual Steiff bear, Please click here to Email me or phone on +44 (0)1455 230823. All my bears are in excellent condition, complete with original box and certificate where applicable.

Steiff EAN 404108, 50cm 35PB Baerle, Replica 1904. Produced in 1991 in a Limited Edition of 6,000. The early production techniques of Steiff bears, string jointing, sealing wax nose are reproduced in this bear. Baerle was used by Steiff as their logo on advertising material up to 2000.

Price: £450.00

Steiff EAN 404207, 50cm 35PAB Baerle, Replica 1905. Produced in 1993 in a Limited Edition of 6,000. It was as early as1905 that disc joints were first used by Steiff, a technique that is used to the present day. This faithful replica also has a sealed wax nose and is kapok filled. An important bear in the history of teddy bears, and my personal favourite.

Price: £350.00

Steiff EAN 404153, 60cm Baerle 43 PAB 1904 A true replica of the original Barle 43 PAB has wooden shoe button eyes, his mouth nose and claws are hand embroidered. He wears a stainless steel elephant button and his 'ear tag' is situated in his side seam, under his left arm. It is actually the first time in the company history that this has been done.

Price £395.00

Steiff EAN 400926 1926 Replica Galop Teddies In 1926 the new pull-along toy with eccentric wheels appeared in the Steiff range - called Galop animals. Here is an example of 2 bears produced in 1997 in a L.E. of 2,500 pieces. One brown bear and one polar bear, each wearing a plush collar with a bell, are on a carriage with eccentric drive

Price £125.00

Steiff EAN 407260 Teddy Clown 1926 Replica 33cm. Teddy Clown Rose was produced in 1999 in soft pink mohair, wearing a traditional clown's hat and ruff. This fully jointed bear with squeaker voice is excelsior stuffed. The Limited Edition was 5,000 pcs. worldwide, and the number of this bear is 999.

Price £215.00

Steiff EAN 405891, 43cm Replica 1906 Bear. Produced in 1994 in a Limited Edition of 5,000. A delightful centre seam bear with squeaker voice.

Price: £250.00

Steiff EAN 406621, 50cm Replica 1907 Hot Water Bottle Bear. Produced in 2001 in a Limited Edition of 3,000. A very desirable bear, shown here with his hot water bottle.

Price: £450.00

Steiff EAN 420023, 28cm Replica 1928 Teddy Clown. Produced in 1993, second edition for the Steiff Club. A very cute bear, sought after by collectors of both clowns and Steiff Club editions.

Price: £225.00

Steiff 0171/41, 41cm Replica 1925 Teddy Rose. Produced in 1987 in a Limited Edition of 10,000. A gorgeous centre seam bear with growler voice and woodwool filling.

Price: £395.00

Steiff EAN 420047, 35cm Replica 1908 Original Teddy Bear. Produced in 1994 in a Limited Edition of 14,910 for the Steiff Club.

Price: £295.00

Steiff EAN 036958, 38cm Leopold Teddy Bear. Made in a Limited Edition of 1,500 Leopold is reminiscent of the bears made around 1912. His mohair is 'distressed' white and he has a charming expression with gleaming black eyes. He has a growler.

Price: £160.00

Steiff EAN 404320, 50cm Replica 1905 Teddy Boy, produced in 1998 in a Limited Edition of 6,000. A beautiful bear, an early pattern, an ideal companion for Teddy Girl.

Price: £255.00

Steiff EAN 670374 43cm Millennium Teddy Bear Produced in 1999 to celebrate the Millennium, this fully jointed bear with growler voice is made of long pile warm gold mohair, and sports a brown bow around his neck.


Steiff EAN 404009 55cm Replica 1902 PB55 Bear. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Steiff this 2002 bear is an exact replica of the first bear ever made by Steiff in 1902. Rich chestnut coloured mohair, string jointed and stuffed with excelsior as was the original bear. LE 7,000 worldwide

Price: £325.00

Steiff EAN 420016, 28cm Teddy Baby Blue. The first bear produced for Steiff Club in 1992. The Limited Edition was 7,959 exclusively for Europe. A rare and much sought after bear.

Price: £450.00

Steiff Art. No. 0173/40, Replica 1907 Black Bear with Leather Nose, 40cm. Produced in 1988 in a Limited Edition of 4,000. A stunning and rare bear.

Price: £795.00

Also shown: Steiff Art. No. 0158/17 Snap Apart Teddy 17cm Replica 1909. Produced in 1989-90 in a Limited Edition of 5,000. A very sweet bear with press stud fasteners.

Price: £250.00

Steiff EAN 406041,65cm Teddy White Replica 1908. Produced in 1994 in a Limited Edition of 7,000. In my opinion one of the most attractive of the larger replica bears, with such a gentle expression.

Price: £425.00

Steiff: EAN 670985 Centenary Teddy Bear 44cm. This growling bear marks the 100 year anniversary of Steiff Teddy Bears, produced in 2002 in a world wide limited edition of 20,000.

Price: £150.00

Steiff EAN 038914 Delivery Cart with three bears. Produced in 2003 in a Limited Edition of 1,200 pieces. Modelled on the original cart which had been used for transportation of Steiff's production. A very special collectable.

Price: £350.00





Steiff EAN 656521 Porsche Jubilee Set. Driver brown bear 13cm, Passenger blond bear 12cm. This set was produced as a German exclusive in 2008 in a small edition of 1,500pcs. In addition to the true to original model, there are also two teddy bears dressed in the style of the wild 1980's. The driver wears a black leather jacket trimmed with fur - his passenger has a scarf around her neck to protect her from the wind. Both wear pilot sunglasses typical of the time. The car itself is a detailed replica of the original with many moving parts and hand made of more than 200 individual pieces. A gem of a Steiff set.




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