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Welcome to page 3 of the bears I have available. If you would like to buy any of these, or would like further information on any individual Steiff bear, Please click here to Email me or phone on +44 (0)1455 230823. All my bears are in excellent condition, complete with original box and certificate where applicable.

Steiff EAN 680021 16m Piglet. Adding to Disney's "Classic Pooh" Series in 2002, Piglet, made of finest rose coloured mohair is dressed in pink and green striped sweater. Price £120.00, accompanied here with:

Steiff Ean 651656 20cm Tigger, from Disney's "Classic Pooh" Series in 2000. Tigger is made of light orange tiger striped mohair. Playful Tigger has a jointed head. Price £175.00. Both Piglet and Tigger are Limited Editions of 5,000 pieces worldwide.




Steiff EAN 406072 British Collectors Bear 1994, 40cm, Replica 1908. Produced in a traditional gold coloured mohair. This bear is fully jointed has a growler voice and hand embroidered nose and claws and is excelsior stuffed. A special feature of this bear is his hand made glass eyes. He is a faithful replica of the original 1908 bear. Limited Edition of 3,000 pcs.

Price: £260.00


Steiff: EAN 663918, Toffee Ted 37cm Produced in dark brown tipped mohair, with a growler voice, black embroidered nose, mouth and claws and being fully jointed. This charming bear is a new 2011 Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces for the UK and Ireland.

Price: £165.00

Steiff Teddy Bear Replica 1955 with Neck Mechanism. Art. No 0188/25 25cm Produced in a L.Ed. of 4,000 pcs worldwide in 1990. The unusual feature of this bear is in a neck mechanism – when turning the bear’s tail the mechanism moves his head. Quite a rare bear to find now.

Price £165.00.

Steiff: EAN 037634 Rolly Drolly Pullwagon. This pull along toy wagon - 20cms long, carries a clown bear - 13cm, and a teddy baby bear - 14cm, who turn around as the wason is pulled. Produced in 2005 in a Limited Edition of 1,500 pcs.

Price: £175.00

Steiff: Margarete Bear EAN 037191 30cm. Pop Art at it's best! This colourful teddy bear, in contemporary pop art style, bears the image of the founder of the Steiff Company - Margarete Steiff. An absolute 'must have' for those who appreciate Pop Art and Steiff Bears.

Price £135.00

Steiff 0180/50 Petsy Bicolor 1927 Replica. 50cms Produced in 1989/90 in a Limited Edition of 5,000 pcs for the U.S.A. Brown tipped mohair, fully jointed, deep growler voice, lovely blue eyes and large ears.

A very rare bear in mint condition

Price £575.00

Steiff Ean. 406614 Pantom Bear Replica 1910 55cms. Pantom Bear was produced in 1998 in a Limited Edition of 4,000 pcs. worldwide. He is made of dark brown mohair and excelsior filled. This puppet style bear has a pull growler which works as he moves from the wooden operating cross. Endless hours of fun can be had with this wonderful bear.

Price £295.00

Steiff Ean 407246 Teddy Bear 1926 40cms. In 2003 Margarete Steiff presented as a 5,000 Limited Edition, a replica of the famous 'Happy Bear.' Like the original bear, this teddy bear is made by hand from high quality brown tippped mohair and is stuffed with wood shavings. His nose and claws are stitched by hand using brown thread and he has a squeaker voice and large glass eyes .

Price £185.00

Steiff Ean 654480 British Collectors Bear 1997 Rose 38cm Made of thick long pile curly mohair in a gorgeos rose shade. This bear is fully jointed, has a growler voice and hand embroidered nose and claws. Limited Edition of 3,000 pcs.

Price £195.00

Steiff Ean 658082 "U Pitchoun," Monaco Bear 35cm Made from luxurious beige curly mohair, growler voice, fully jointed with hand embroidered nose and claws. Limited Edition of 2,000 pcs. worldwide. On 14th October 2,000 a special charity event was held to raise funds for 'Monaco Aide et Presence' - a children's charity. 40 haute couture houses participated, each creatively dressing a bear for auction. The Louis Vuitton dressed bear raised a record £130,000.00. This is still the current record price for a Steiff bear. A book comes with the bear showing the other designers' creations. He wears a sterling silver pendant bearing the M.A.P. logo, which is also labelled on the bear's foot.

Price £295.00

Steiff Ean 408564 Teddy Bear 1908 35cm Made of the finest black mohair, fully jointed and stuffed with wood shavings He is fully jointed, has black boot button eyes and a growler voice. Limited Edition of 3,000 pcs worldwide.

Price £185.00


Steiff Ean 421099 Paper Teddy Bear Replica 1919 - Steiff Club Edition 2010 32cms. This unusual teddy bear has wooden eyes, paw pads made of linen and a special edition book. He is in a small Limited Edition of 3,000 pcs. exclusively for Steiff Club members, which were allocated by Steiff on a 'lottery' basis - only the lucky ones get this bear - therefore he will no doubt become one of the highly collectable items of the future.

Price £259.00

Steiff Ean 400247 Stehaufbear - Bear on a Pole. 20cms This tumbler bear rocks from side to side when you push him. This early limited edition bear was produced in 1984, being an 1894 Replica.

Price £99.00

Steiff Ean 408234 Schnapp Dicky 1936 Replica. 32cms An eccentric blond mohair bear with snap joints in his legs, mouth and thumbs, which enable him to hold things in his hands and change his expression. He also has a head mechanism which is operated by turning his tail. Painted paw pads were often a feature of original 1930's Steiff bears. A very specialist bear, and a real character who has pride of place in my own collection, particularly at Christmas when he hands out cards to visiting friends.

Price £235.00



Steiff Ean 036965 Dante Teddy Bear 30cm. Dante is made of very short pile tipped green mohair created by Steiff Schulte's innovators using an ancient Indonesian "batik" technique, the result is a random pattern, making each bear unique. Around his neck is a patinated bell and he has a growler. The Limited Edition is 1,500 pcs. worldwide.

Price £155.00

English made Child's/Teddy Bear chair in Ash. Georgian double bow - also available as stickback (£335.00)

These chairs have been very popular with my collectors - "the best bears deserve the best chairs."

Price: £360.00

(Bear shown is 65cms 1909 replica as seen on Showcase page 2)

Steiff Ean 656569 Yes/No Teddy Bear 30cm This cute teddy bear has a brass and steel mechanism within it's body which enables it to turn it's head when you turn it's tail. Made of a traditional honey coloured mohair, the bear wears a rust coloured ruff around it's neck.

This bear was produced in 2010 in a Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces.


Steiff Ean 660047 British Collectors Bear 1999 36cm. Produced in a Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces this bear is made of a rich long pile lilac coloured mohair and has mauve suede pads. He is fully jointed, has a growler voice and hand embroidered nose mouth and claws. He has an alert expression and is one of the most collectable in the series of UK bears, produced at the end of the century - now very hard to find.

Price: £350.00

Book - The Roosevelt Bears, Their Travels and Adventures, by Seymour Eaton. The original book was written around 1906. This re-print from 1979 in paperback tells of the stories of Teddy B and Teddy G. Written in rhyme, this is a fun book for all teddy bear lovers, and especially owners of the Steiff replica Teddy B and Teddy G bears. Mint condition.

Price: £20.00

Steiff Ean 403033 Teddy Bear Replica 1921 46cm. This gorgeous bear is made of a specially dyed brown bleached and distressed mohair. He is traditionally stuffed with wood shavings has glass eyes and growler. A very special replica bear. Limited edition 1,921 pcs.

Price 295.00


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