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Welcome to page 2 of the bears I have available. If you would like to buy any of these, or would like further information on any individual Steiff bear, Please click here to Email me or phone on +44 (0)1455 230823. All my bears are in excellent condition, complete with original box and certificate where applicable.

Steiff EAN662508 British Collectors Bear 2007 'Old Black Bear' 40cm Steiff's transformation of colour from black mohair to 'old black' - produces here the look of an 'old black bear' which only time can achieve - his once jet black coat, now subtle grey tipped. He is fully jointed, with growler and wears a delicate pink bow. Limited edition UK and Ireland 3,000 pcs.



Steiff: EAN 408175 Teddy Baby with Teeth 35cm. 1929 Replica, produced in 1995 in a limited edition of 3,000 - a real character bear with squeaker voice and now quite a rare bear.

Price: £235.00

Steiff: EAN 404115 Bear 28PB, 28cm. 1904 Replica Rod Jointed Bear. Produced in 2004 in a limited edition of 7,000 worldwide, stuffed with wood shavings, wooden eyes, a sealing wax nose and stainless steel "Button in Ear" with elephant motif. An X ray photograph illustrating the internal jointing, accompanies each bear - a good collectors' bear with historical merit.

Price: £290.00

Steiff EAN 038365 Classic dark green Alpaca Bear 32cm - almost black - is fully jointed, with glass eyes, growler voice and is stuffed with wood shavings. He wears a smart beige studded leather collar, each stud bearing the name of 'Steiff.' Limited Edition 2,008 pcs.

Price £150.00

Steiff: EAN 407215 Teddy Bear Replica 1926 "Happy," 40cm, produced in 1991 in a limited edition of 6,000, with growler voice - a gorgeous and rare bear.

Price: £325.00

Steiff: EAN 670152 Jubilee Bear, 40cm. This bear was made in 1997 to celebrate 150 years since the birth of Margarete Steiff. The porcelain medallion around the bear's neck shows a picture of Margarete Steiff holding her bear, limited edition 3,999.

Price £295.00

Steiff Art. No. 0155/38 Mama and Baby Bear Set 38cm and 15cm Made of blond mohair with an orange sash holding the two bears. This set was produced in 1981 to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the house of Steiff. The certificate of authenticity is signed in facsimile by Hans Otto Steiff, now deceased.


Steiff: Art. No. 0150/32 Richard Steiff Teddy Bear - produced in 1983, in traditional grey mohair to celebrate the occasion of the 80th anniversary of 'the teddy bear.' Richard Steiff, nephew of Margarete Steiff, being the renowned teddy bear designer for the Steiff company. A rare and desirable bear in mint condition.


Steiff EAN 412011 Gusto Clown 35cm This felt clown - Gusto - 1911 replica, is carefully reproduced by hand, and is as near to the original, which was modelled on the Circus Sarrasani clowns. Produced in a Limited Edition of only 1,000 pcs. worldwide - a very rare and unusual item in mint condition.



Steiff: EAN 662607 30cm Musical Bear The nation's favourite Teddy Bear tune is preserved within this beautiful classic mohair teddy bear, whose heartbeat plays 'Teddy Bear's Picnic.' Made of stunning gold mohair, fully jointed and presented in a cream embroidered bag. L.E. 2,000 pcs exclusive UK and Ireland.

Price £130.00


Steiff: EAN 654763 British Collectors' Bear 2000 40cm, produced in a champagne colour mohair - the first British Collectors' bear of the new century - limited edition 4,000.

Price: £160.00

Steiff: Ean 403040 Teddy Bear Replica 1906 35cm. Made of the finest russet mohair this traditional 1906 replica bear was made in a Limited Edition of 1906 pieces worldwide. He is stuffed with wood shavings, has wooden eyes and an "underscored button" made of patinated steel


Price £195.00

Steiff: EAN 660955 British Collectors' Bear 2003 36cm, produced in a limited edition of 4,000. This beautiful bear is a replica of an original from the "Roaring Twenties."

Price: £160.00

Steiff: EAN 661969 British Collectors' Bear 2005 40cm, limited edition of 4,000. The golden apricot colour of this bear is quite exceptional, and the design of the bear is based on an original teddy bear from 1905.

Price: £145.00

Steiff: EAN 659973 British Collectors' Bear 1998 40cm, produced in a limited edition of 3,000, this stunning burgundy growling bear is a must for collectors of Steiff British Collectors' bears.

Price: £195.00



Steiff EAN 654411 43cm British Collectors Bear 1996 Produced in blond mohair, jointed, hand embroidered nose and claws, growler voice and wears a genuine tweed waistcoat. Limited Edition 3,000 pcs. Mint.

Price £195.00

Steiff: EAN 705014 Monika Doll 60cm, produced in a limited edition of only 300 pieces in 1995. The creation of Monika was a collaboration between Steiff and the famous doll artist Rosa Adami. The creme de la creme of dolls, Monika has a porcelain head and limbs, glass eyes, body covered with goat leather, real hair wig, marked and numbered on the neck. She is such a fabulous and now rare piece, that she is featured in these two pictures


Steiff: Monika Doll This particular doll is unique in that she has the personal limited edition number of 300 out of the edition of 300, adding to her collectability. Originally made to sell at well over £1,000.00, she is being offered at the bargain price of..

Price: £595.00

Steiff: EAN 406058 Teddy Bear 1909 Replica. 65cms Produced in 1995 this wonderful large Steiff bear is made in traditional blond mohair. He has a growler voice, large black eyes, black embroidered nose and claws. A fabulous large traditional teddy bear. Mint. Limited Edition worldwide 5,000pcs.


Steiff: EAN 651489 Winnie the Pooh 27cm This popular Limited Edition bear was produced in 1999 in blond mohair, fully jointed.

Price: £195.00, and is pictured here with one of his best friends::

Steiff EAN 651786 Eeyore 25cm, produced in a Limited Edition of 5,000 in 2001 in blue mohair.

Price £149.00


Steiff: EAN 037405 Teddy Bear Set with Motorboat. This exclusive edition marks the return of a classic from the fifties. The motorboat is made of finely lacquered limewood and its footwell is elaborately lined with the best leather. The teddy bear couple are crafted by hand from fine mohair in the traditional manner. He wears an original sailing cap made of fine felt and she wears a smart straw hat and matching hand sewn scarf. Limited Edition 2,006pcs worldwide.

Price: £150.00

Steiff: EAN 407154 Teddy Rose Replica 1925 25cm produced in 1990 in a limited edition of 8,000. This sweet bear comes with squeaker voice.

Price: £210.00

Steiff: Circus Dolly Bears, Replica 1913 32cm produced exclusively for the U.S.A. in 1987-1989.

EAN 0164/31-Circus Dolly Bear Yellow, EAN 0164/32- Circus Dolly Bear Green EAN 0164/34 Circus Dolly Bear Violet.

Price: £975.00 - Set of 3 bears


Also available single yellow Circus Dolly Bear


Steiff: EAN 407550 Dicky Bear Replica 1930 25cm produced in 1992 in a limited edition of 9,000, with squeaker voice. The painted paw pads were a feature of the 1930's bears.

Price: £95.00

Pictured with: Steiff: EAN 407574 Dicky Bear Replica 1930 33cm produced in 1992 in a limited edition of 7,000 with squeaker voice.

Price: £150.00

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